Graduated in both graphic (2007) and fashion design (2013) Elke is  fascinated in expressing yourself through print, colors and shapes.

During her academic years in Maastricht at the MAFAD she was able to develop her own style from 2D to 3D. She graduated with her collection CTRL + C CTRL + V. Fascinated by Japan and Korea, their culture, subcultures, geishas, ​​hanboks, traditions and music she finds her inspiration. Mixing this with her personal stories or just social stories to a concept which is converted into prints and silhouettes, which are feminine and tough. In terms of colors Elke prefers to use, pretty, soft colors, combined with good quality fabrics. She loves working with jersey, but also silk tulle, satin or fine cotton. The combination of cool jackets and feminine dresses is something that Elke likes to use in her designs.

With her designs Elke wants to let people know not to be afraid of who you are and feel confident about yourself!


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