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For the January edition of Fashionweek Nederland I was asked to do a collaboration with Dinsey!
For the upcoming movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Disney wanted to do a fashion collab with 6 designers, to design an outfit inspired by Belle and/or the Beast.
I’ve made an outfit for Belle and got inspired by the song ‘In ons Dorp’ I’ve felt a connection with Belle as also I came from a small village, where I felt I did’t fit in. I wanted more and as Belle dreamt of another world.
With the outfit I want to show how tough Belle is, but she also remains very feminine. That’s why I have created a dress with a overside bomber with tulle sleeves. This inspired by the cloak she wears in the animation. Also the colors used, are from the dresses Belle where’s in the animation. Blue, pink, gold. With embroidered roses on the bomber and lasered golden leaves on the dress I wanted to incorporate the rococo feeling the new movie has.

Photos: ©Anne van Zantwijk
Model: Cherilynn

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